10 Symptoms of EMF Sensitivity You Need to Know About


10 symptoms of EMF sensitivity you need to know about


Since the 1990s, we have steadily increased our usage of electronic devices. More devices are connected than ever due to their increased usage and the development of the Internet of Things (IoT).

While we do not yet have definitive proof that EMF radiation, specifically non-ionising EMFs, can lead to long-term wellness concerns, some people report feeling different around EMFs.

It then resonates that some people may be more sensitive to EMF radiation than others. A spectrum of electromagnetic sensitivity sounds plausible and may be recognised by professionals in the wellness space soon.

Termed electromagnetic hypersensitivity, this supposed reaction to EMF radiation can cause many personally reported symptoms.

I will explain what these can be shortly, but before I do, this article is not intended as medical advice. If you experience and have concerns about anything related to your health and well-being, it's essential to consult your doctor. 

The following symptoms may be present if you feel you are sensitive to electromagnetic radiation.

  1. Headaches - Being around electromagnetic fields can lead to headaches in people with reported EMF sensitivity
  2. Feeling Queasy - Feeling sick around high levels of ubiquitous electromagnetic fields can also be an issue for people with sensitivity to EMFs. Feeling queasy is a core EHS symptom.
  3. Tiredness - One association study showed that people felt more tired when using their cell phones increased.
  4. Dizziness—One study on Swedish workers found that they experienced dizziness and lightheadedness when they were around high levels of EMF in their workplace.
  5. Poor Sleep - Studies have also shown that higher levels of EMF exposure can lead to poor quality and low sleep quantity.
  6. Ringing in Ears - People often report hearing a ringing in their ears when the WIFI router is on or they are near cell towers.
  7. Poor Concentration—EMF can lead to poor concentration. If EMF-sensitive people have poor sleep and ringing in their ears, their concentration levels may dip.
  8. Low Mood - A study showed that factory workers faced increased risks of burnout as EMF levels increased in the workplace.
  9. Irritability - Being around EMF radiation for the hypersensitive may cause them to be irritable at times.

How to Reduce EMF Radiation Exposure

Man holding a mobile phone emitting EMF radiation

While electromagnetic radiation (EMF) is everywhere in our modern world, there are proven ways to reduce it. This can be especially helpful for people who are electromagnetic hypersensitive.


Turn off the WIFI Before Bed

A wifi modem emitting EMF radiation

Turning off your Wifi before bed and whilst you sleep will reduce the levels of EMF radiation you are exposed to. This form of RF radiation is often the most common source in the home, and making it redundant during sleep can help improve your sleep and reduce issues associated with EHS.

If you cannot or do not wish to turn your WIFI off before bed, you can always use an EMF Radiation Blocking Pillowcase or sleep with an EMF Radiation Blocking Blanket.


Stop Using Bluetooth Ear Buds

Somebody holding bluetooth ear buds

If you are EMF-sensitive and wish to reduce the levels of RF radiation in your immediate environment, you must cease using wireless headphones. Wireless earphones attract RF signals such as Bluetooth and WIFI to your head, which is probably not the best idea if you are EHS.

The workaround for this is to avoid ditching your favorite music and podcasts and switch to EMF Radiation-Free Air Tubes. This incredible device turns RF signals into acoustic signals via a small hollow tube.

The issue persists with traditional wired headphones, which still allow RF signals to pass through the wires and into your ears. Air Tubes are a fantastic workaround for anyone who is electromagnetically hypersensitive.

If you have to take a call, its always best not to hold your cell phone up to your ear. This, like using wireless headphones, brings you close to EMR radiation from your mobile phone. Instead, step out and take the call on speaker phone and have the device placed on the table in front of you, not in your hand, near your body.

If you read your phone manual you will see a disclaimer that it should be kept a certain distance away from your body at all times meaning even the cell phone manufacturers know of the potential impact of having your cellphone close to your body may have on you.


Don’t Ground Yourself Inside

A lady sitting on an EMF grounding PEMF mat

Contrary to popular belief, grounding or earthing is not the best thing to do inside if you are EMF-sensitive. When you ground yourself, you attract EMF radiation and may act as an antenna. This means all the EMF in your immediate area may pass through you to reach the earth. By grounding indoors, you may then attract all the EMFs in your house or apartment to you. Grounding is best left for outdoors rather than using grounding mats inside.

If you want to experience the benefits of grounding inside without acting as a beacon for EMF radiation, you can use an Infrared PEMF Mat. This product emits PEMF between 7 and 8Hz, which mimics grounding. This is an excellent alternative for those who want to experience the benefits of grounding without the risk of attracting ambient EMF by using grounding pads.


Reduce Cellphone Use

A mobile phone in an EMF radiation blocking wallet

We all use our phones too much, and these pocket-sized devices are beacons for attracting unwanted EMRs. By using your smartphone less often, you can immediately reduce the symptoms of EMF sensitivity.

Another great hack is switching your cell phone to aeroplane mode while sleeping. When your mobile phone is on and active, it sends thousands of signals every minute. Switching it to aeroplane mode will stop this and reduce the EMF levels around you.

If you do not wish to switch your phone to Aeroplane mode or use it less, you can invest in an EMF Radiation Blocking Phone Pouch. This handy product allows you to carry your phone around without the threat of EMF radiation, as it completely blocks all signals going into or coming out of the pouch while your phone is inside.


Live in a House, Not an Apartment

A picture of a dining room in a house

Apartments often have higher levels of EMF radiation than houses. This is because there are many cell phones, Wi-Fi, and Bluetooth-enabled devices near them. In the same area of 2-3 hours, you can often have 200+ people living, all with digital devices connecting to the internet.

In a house, you often only have your neighbours on either side’s EMFs to deal with.

The issue is compounded if you live in a major city. 5G towers and the population density increase the levels of EMF radiation in your environment.

If you are electromagnetically hypersensitive, it may be worth considering moving out of the city and/or out of an apartment and into an area with a lower population density and fewer 5G towers.

If this isn't an option, you can always make your house or apartment more EMF-friendly by using EMF paints or curtains, EMF Radiation Blocking Clothing or EMF Radiation Blocking Laptops Mats

Final Thoughts

It's worth noting that Electromagnetic hypersensitivity is a relatively new complaint among some people. More evidence is needed to determine any potential long-term issues.

Still, if the individual concerned chooses a precautionary approach, then the tips in this blog may help with this protocol. Then there is always the Nocebo effect, which is when someone is expecting a particular issue to occur from EMF radiation.

This is why its always important to speak to your doctor before address any health concerns you may have.


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