What is Deuterium?

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If you have been mixing in the biohacking circles recently, or following Dr. Jack Kruse, you would have definitely heard of deuterium.

The complex blogs and posts from the biohacking community are really only helping those with an understanding of advanced bio-chemistry, bio-physics and quantum health.

What is missing is a very easy to understand and general overview on deuterium and what is means for you. So here goes!

What Is Deuterium?

Deuterium is an isotope of hydrogen. An isotope is another form of the same element that contains an equal number of protons but what differs is the number of neutrons in their nuclei. Isotopes therefore have differing masses, but their chemical properties and how they behave in most chemical reactions are identical. 

Hydrogen has 3 isotopes, deuterium, hydrogen and tritium. We will not discuss tritium but instead focus on deuterium. Deuterium has a neutron in its nuclei which makes it denser than hydrogen. Hydrogen does not have a neutron present in its structure.

What Is the Role of Hydrogen in the Body?

Hydrogen is essential for energy production in humans. The most common form of hydrogen in the body is water (H2O). Our bodies are 60% water so it’s easy to see why hydrogen is important for life in humans.

At a quantum level hydrogen plays a vital role in mitochondria function.

Mitochondria are the powerhouse batteries of the body. They ultimately facilitate energy production.

Within the mitochondria there is a spinning head that rotates very fast, the rotation speed of this spinning head determines how efficiently you create energy. The faster the spinning head rotates the more energy you make and the healthier you will be. The slower the spinning head rotates the less energy you will make and this leaves you more susceptible to faster aging. 

The spinning head also creates a magnetic field. The faster the spinning head rotates the stronger the magnetic field. Oxygen is paramagnetic, which means its attracted to magnetic fields. A healthy magnetic field created by optimal mitochondrial function will draw oxygen into the mitochondria. And we all know why we need oxygen right!?

The fuel that feeds the spinning head is hydrogen.

Hydrogen enters the mitochondria’s inner membrane and slots snugly into the top of the spinning head. As hydrogen is fed into the spinning head it rotates faster and you have healthy levels of energy production, higher magnetic field and less chance of chronic diseases. The less hydrogen that enters the spinning head the less it rotates and this means less energy production, higher chance of chronic diseases and a weakened magnetic field.

So hydrogen is very important to optimal human survival when explained at a quantum level.

What Does Deuterium Do to The Body?

Deuterium is an isotope of hydrogen and performs the same as hydrogen in chemical reactions outside the body. However, inside the body deuterium behaves differently to hydrogen. In essence deuterium will follow the exact same pathway as described above. Deuterium will enter the body and pass into the mitochondria and find itself at the top of the spinning head, ready to assist in energy production and create a magnetic field.

The spinning head is specifically designed by nature to accept hydrogen in its standard form. That is one proton and one electron. Deuterium contains a neutron and the spinning head is not equipped to deal with his neutron or wide enough for it to pass through the spinning head easily. When we have deuterium in the body it cannot pass through the spinning head well, gums up the system and ultimately slows down the rotation thus reducing energy production and magnetic field strength.

Less oxygen is drawn from the blood, energy levels reduce and your redox potential decreases.

We need to remove it from our bodies.

How to Remove Deuterium From Your Body

Now we understand at a basic level why deuterium is not good for us we need to figure out how to remove it from the body and replace it with pure hydrogen.

1. Water

Water is the quickest and most sure fire way to get rid of deuterium and replace it with hydrogen. The best waters for low levels of Deuterium are Qlarivia, Mito Water and Preventa. However these products cost around $20 per litre of water, an expensive way to lower D levels! These products are typical at D levels of 25ppm and are the lowest available

Contrary to popular belief, Reverse Osmosis Water does not deplete Deuterium, this has been shown in test results.

For the general public who simply cannot afford the crazy prices of DDW you can opt for over the counter products that are lower in D than regular water. These are listed below with the numbers showing the ppm content of Deuterium.


2. Food

Food is the other means whereby water gets into your body. The best way to create DDW in your body is through a process called beta-oxidation. When we eat dietary fat our body produces energy, carbon dioxide and water. The water is completely deuterium depleted.

Beta oxidation is primarily facilitated by the mitochondria, specifically within the inner membrane. The same place where the spinning head is located. Therefore a diet high is healthy fats is a great way to get DDW into your system and reduce the likelihood of a gummed up spinning head and eventually chronic diseases. The body makes 1.1kg of DDW for every kilogram of fat consumed. For example, camels can go long periods of time without drinking as they make water from the fat stored in their hump.

What Are the Best Foods to Eat That Are Deuterium Depleted?

  • Green plants
  • Nuts
  • Grass-fed animals
  • Fish
  • Young food
  • Fat from plants and grass fed animals

What Are the Foods That Contain Deuterium We Should Limit?

  • Fruit, Potatoes and Grains -Plants get rid of their deuterium by putting it in their sugar storage.
  • Grain-Fed Animals.
  • Old food is higher in deuterium than young food because it, like us, lose their ability to deplete deuterium with age.


There you have it, a basic level overview on deuterium, what it is, what is does to your body and how to avoid it.

In essence we need to be drinking DDW and eating a diet high in pasture raised animals, fish, green vegetables and nuts. We should be avoiding starches, grains and simple sugars along with manufactured meat and non-pasture raised animals. 


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