How to Choose the Best Book Light?

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Book Light

Choosing the best book light can be challenging as there are so many varieties to choose from. The best reading lights are often not found in book shops, instead they are found online, where academic science and superior technology have been combined to make the greatest reading lights to enjoy your favourite novel by.

Regular LED lights emit damaging blue light which makes using a red light emitting book light and far superior option.

book light

Whether you are a Harry Potter fan or avid non-fiction enthusiast, choosing the most optimal reading book light is essential for the most enjoying reading experience.

When you read your favourite book, you want to ensure you can see what you are reading and not disrupt your sleep. Reading before bed is a great way to unwind so choosing the best Australian book light is paramount to your reading experience and circadian rhythm.

When it comes to choosing the best book light we have helped you by providing you with 5 of the top considerations.

Book Light Colour

The best book light emits pure red light. Many clip-on reading lights in Australia emit blue light. Blue light has been shown in studies to disrupt your sleep, cause digital eyestrain and lead to headaches.

It’s not just e-readers, smart phones and tablets that emit blue light, reading book lights can emit dangerous blue light as well. When you settle down to your favourite novel in favour of screen time you may think you are being sensible and managing light appropriately.

However, if you are switching a Kindle for a book light that emits blue light you are not eliminating sleep disrupting artificial blue light. A red light book light that emits purely red light is the answer to finding the best book light in Australia or elsewhere in the world.

Red light does not disrupt melatonin. This is paramount when selecting the most optimal book light that does not disrupt your sleep quality and quantity.

When choosing the best book light for reading ensure it emits only red light.

Green light has been shown to decrease melatonin production. An amber book light may not be the best option when choosing the best clip light for reading. Amber lights emit green light which may cause sleep disruption when reading.

The below image shows the spectrum test report for the science backed clip light from BON CHARGE. Note that this red-light clip light only emits red light which is optimal for night time reading.

Spectrum report for clip light


An adjustable and flexible neck is paramount to a excellent book light. This enables you to position the book light to read the pages better. This enables you to light your book hands free rather than holding a torch to the paper.

A reading light without an adjustable neck may not be adequate to see the pages by. This will make it extremely awkward to read with.


Bookmark book lights come in various different sizes.

A clip on reading light can be an excellent variant as they clip on to your book or tablet and allow focussed illumination onto the pages of your book. This can be an excellent option if you sleep with a partner in your bed.

By focussing the illumination from the book light directly onto the pages you can ensure this does not disturb your partner should they wish to sleep whilst you continue reading in bed.

A reading lamp can be a fantastic alternative option. Reading lamps can be placed adjacent to you, on your desk or bedside table, whilst you read. The benefit of a reading lamp over a book light is the intensity of light emitted and increase illumination.

A reading lamp will emit stronger illumination than a clip light which may give you superior light to read by.

It’s essential to choose a reading lamp that only emits red light. Blue light can disrupt your sleep and lead to eye strain.

A yellow light emitting reading lamp can be great to use during the daytime, as this type of reading light emits some blue light to keep you focussed.

Reviews and Price Point

When you look into choosing the best clip on light for reading you should look at customer reviews.

When you purchase a book light from places with Dimmocks or other Australian book stores you cannot see the reviews which can be extremely risky.

When you purchase a book light online you can witness the reviews which will assist you choose the best book light available in Australia.

The perfect price point for an optimal reading light is around AUD $39.95. Cheaper ones usually break easily or do not have adequate light settings, illuminance levels and brightness levels. Cheaper options very often do not come with rechargeable LEDs, USB cable or a bright light function.

Some book lights come with multiple light color options. However, this is not an excellent idea as any colour other than red may disrupt your sleep whilst reading in bed.

Technical Specifications

There are numerous reading lights with varying specifications. To ensure you get the most optimal book light available ensure your clip light has the below specifications:

  • Adjustable crane neck
  • 3 brightness settings (including color temperature)
  • Rechargeable lithium battery
  • Emits only pure red frequency light. Ideally at 630 nanometers.
  • Charges quickly via a built in USB cable
  • 8 hours battery life



Features of the BON CHARGE Blue Light Blocking Clip Light are as follows:

  • Fully adjustable crane neck for focussed illumination
  • 3 brightness settings for optimal reading experience
  • Quick rechargeable lithium battery for less downtime (rechargeable batteries)
  • Emits red light at a frequency of 630nm for better sleep
  • 8-hour battery life

book reading light

BON CHARGE is a world leading wellness brand who offers academic science backed products to significantly improve your overall wellbeing. If you are looking for a book light that does more than just illuminate your book you have come to the correct website.

Aside from the book light we offer black out black out sleep masks, optimal blue light blocking glasses, cold therapy massage products and red light therapy devices.

We are here to help guide you through the process of buying the best reading light. If you have any questions about the BON CHARGE reading light just contact us here.

If you are reading to purchase your book light ensure you sign up to our mailing list to get 15% off your first order with us. Our book light comes with a 30 day risk free guarantee, if you are not fully satisfied with your reading light simply return it to us for a refund or exchange.

Optimised your reading experience with a new BON CHARGE blue light blocking clip light.

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