Do Blue Light Glasses Block UV Light?

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There is a lot of misinformation out there currently about what blue light glasses do and when to wear blue light glasses. Another issue that we frequently hear of is blue light blocking glasses companies talking about UV light. “Do blue light glasses block UV light”?


What is UV light?

Before addressing whether blue light glasses block out UV light we need to understand what UV light is. UV light is Ultraviolet light and is a type of electromagnetic radiation responsible for the production of vitamin D in our bodies, causing our tans but also sunburn. UV light comes from the sun and is emitted in waves or particles and different wavelengths and frequencies. UV light is invisible meaning we cannot see it. Our body knows when UV light is present as it detects high levels of blue light in our environment which is a colour of light associated with UV light. Think of a hot summer’s day, when you are outside what colour is the sky? Blue right? The blue light from the sun sends a message to our brain which tells us its daytime and UV light must be present. 


Is UV light present in LED lights?

The answer is yes, but….. you have to analyse this further before asking whether blue light glasses filter UV light. Studies have shown that regular LED lights create tiny amounts of UV radiation. However, and here is the context, due to phosphors which are present in LED lights they react with small amount of UV light present to create the visible white light we see. There is actually no UV light that is emitted from LEDs and into our eyes, it’s just part of an internal reaction that produces the visible light we see in LEDs.


Do I need to wear blue light glasses that block UV light?

The answer to this is a resounding no. There is no UV light emitted from your smart phones, office lights, computers and tablets so if you are looking to buy blue light blocking glasses you do not need to worry about whether they block UV light. UV light is only emitted by the sun, this is why you wear sunglasses which filter UV light. Blue light glasses should not be worn outside during the day.

best blue light glasses

Blue light glasses are best worn indoors during the daytime when exposure to artificial light. This is why we need to focus on filtering blue light during the day and not worrying about whether our blue light computer glasses block UV light. UV light is not present inside during the daytime so it’s best to just focus on the best blue light glasses that filter blue light. Remember, do not get blue light blocking glasses which block blue light during the daytime, as some blue light is important to our health. Instead opt for a pair of the best computer glasses from BON CHARGE which filter down blue light by 30%.

Do blue light glasses filter Ultraviolet light?

They shouldn’t, but if a company tries to charge you more or justify why their glasses block UV light you can save your money. Your blue light glasses only need to filter blue light during the day and not filter UV light as it’s not present indoors during the day from artificial light sources.


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