Do Blue Light Glasses Help with Headaches?

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Blue light has been publicised in the academic literature to be a cause of headaches. When we work at a computer all day, we can experience headaches caused by ocular damage induced by blue light emitted from digital devices.

Using your smart phone too much or sitting under artificial LED lighting all contains damaging blue light which can lead to headaches or even migraine headaches. Headaches from blue light emitting devices are an indicator of digital eye strain.

Headaches are an Indicator of Digital Eye Strain

Digital eye strain (DES) has been revealed in studies to be a result of too much blue light. Blue light from your digital devices such as smart phone, TV, computer, or LED lighting causes digital eye strain. Indications of digital eye strain incorporates:

·      Headaches

·      Dry eyes/eye fatigue

·      Blurred vision

·      Neck and shoulder pain (not a symptom but associated with digital eye strain)

·      Sensitivity to light

Some researchers have speculated that blue light may not be the perpetrator and may instead be the proximity to the computer screen or LED flicker. What is known is that screen time may be a precursor to headaches.

Blue Light has Been Shown to Generate Migraines

Photophobia, is a tremendous sensitivity to light. Photophobia affects 80% of people who experience regular migraine attacks, these people are sensitive to light. One study showed that migraine headache symptoms are intensified in the presence of high energy visible blue light in photosensitive individuals.

Blue light can generate headaches and migraines by activating more neurons than any other colour. The brighter the blue light is the more penetrating the headache can be.

How to circumvent getting a headache from blue light

There are a few things you can do to help diminish the instances of headaches and migraines when exposed to bright light.

1.     Wear blue light glasses to block blue light from screens

2.    Focus on an object about 20 feet in the distance every 20 minutes (20-20-20 rule)

3.     Take regular screen breaks (give your eyes a break)

4.     Sit around 20 to 26 inches away from your computer screen

5.     Blink regularly and use eye drops (artificial tears)

By following these 5 tips you can reduce the amount and severity of headaches stimulated by blue light.

Blue Light Glasses Reduce Headaches

According to this research, using a blue light filter can reduce symptoms of ocular damage and digital eye strain, which can be alleviated by wearing blue light glasses.

If you experience headaches, wearing a pair of clear lens computer glasses would be sufficient to help counteract headaches when using your computer and exposed to blue light.

Blue light glasses from BON CHARGE

If you experience migraine headaches you will most likely need to block more blue light to get some liberation from this type of headache. This study found that bright light between 415nm and 455nm was the most detrimental to humans and measures should be taken to block these light spectrums during the day.

Light Sensitivity Glasses are a great idea if you want blue light glasses that prevent migraine headaches from too much intense blue light exposure. BON CHARGE Light Sensitivity Glasses block 100% of headache inducing blue light between the wavelengths of light found between 400nm and 455nm making them the most powerful blue light glasses from improving the severity and frequency of blue light stimulated headaches in the long term.

Light Sensitivity Glasses BON CHARGE

Can Blue Light Glasses Cause Headaches?

Whilst some people have reported getting eye strain headaches from wearing blue light glasses, there has not been any peer reviewed studies to support these assertions. Blue light glasses can take a few weeks to get used to, so it’s best to persevere as they will be of benefit in the long run to you.

Final Thoughts

Not all blue light glasses are created equivalent, and which pair you buy to help with headaches depends on your sensitivity to blue light. If you suffer migraines, it might be worthwhile looking at yellow tinted Light Sensitivity Glasses.

However, if you just have a mild headache at the end of a protracted day in from of screens, then clear lens blue light glasses, aka Computer Glasses may be enough to help reduce your headaches. We have been researching light and heath for years, so you will be in reliable hands when it comes to choosing the finest blue light glasses for headaches.

You can also read more about whether blue light glasses work.

BON CHARGE blue light glasses go one step further and are registered as medical devices in Australia under ARTG 388832, 388832 and 388834. BON CHARGE blue light glasses are also registered with the FDA in the USA.

BON CHARGE blue light blocking glasses are available in prescription, non-prescription and reading magnification options.

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