What are EMF Solutions and How Do They Work?

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EMF radiation

In today’s world, electronic devices play a vital role for billions of people around the world. Smartphones, computers, routers, and various Bluetooth devices are just some of the examples of how technology has reshaped our lives.

But while there’s an abundance of benefits that these technologies provide, some experts have expressed concerns about whether people might need protection against electromagnetic fields radiation (commonly referred to as EMFs). Even though the science is still out on how EMF radiation affect us, leading EMF radiation solutions are paving the way for helping people using electronics.


But what is EMF radiation and how exactly does EMF protection work? Let’s explore these and other important questions below.

What Are EMFs (EMF Radiation)?

EMFs are waves of radiation that are abundant all around us. In fact, even the sun sends out EMFs every second. But while natural sources of EMF have existed since the beginning of time, the past century has seen a rapid rise in human-made EMF sources in the form of our electric grids. Power lines, lighting, and various gadgets have been making our lives easier for a while now, but they also produce EMF radiation. With more devices and more widespread use in recent years, 80% of countries worldwide have introduced legislation regarding exposure to electromagnetic radiation. 

With more than 90% of the global population having access to electricity and electrical appliances, the discussion about EMF home protection has become more critical than ever before.

How Do EMF Solutions Work?

Despite humans having lived with electricity and electronic devices for many decades, methods to help protect against EMF radiation are still only becoming more prominent. While the science is not yet settled on the subject and more research needs to be done, home EMF protection is not something to be tossed aside. The World Health Organization has also relayed their concerns about electromagnetic radiation.

EMF solutions feature materials like silicone and other materials to minimize your exposure to EMF radiation. Nearly all devices (like cell phones, tablets, and computers) don’t include any protective materials, meaning there’s nothing to prevent your body’s absorption of EMF radiation found in them.

While the human body can cope with some natural levels of radiation, the radiation from electronic devices is emitted into the air and increases our exposure level significantly. EMF solutions work by shielding radiation-causing components and limiting environmental radiation to more acceptable levels.

While it’s nearly impossible to avoid exposure to electromagnetic fields, EMF solutions offer simple and convenient ways to mitigate some of the potential risks. In fact, using an EMF protector for phones or other EMF radiation blocking products can be a useful part of your current regime. Blocking EMFs (EMF radiation) is a great tool to use if you are personally concerned about EMF radiation kin your environment.

What is the Best EMF Protection?

There are many EMF solutions designed to protect people from EMF radiation. And today, you can choose from a variety of anti-EMF radiation options that don’t have to be an inconvenience.

Some even turn to shungite stone for EMF radiation blocking. But does shungite really work for EMF? While it may offer some benefits, it’s better to use solutions that have been specifically designed to combat EMF radiation from electronic devices. This is because these products are designed to combat not only EMF radiation, but also other types of RF radiation, including that emitted by WIFI and 5G networks.

You can use some of these EMF solutions by sticking them on your devices, which can potentially neutralize the positive ions emitted from your appliances with negative ions, minimizing the impact and offering blocking. There are also wearable anti-radiation products that shield you throughout the day. 

At-Home EMF Protection 

Finding effective EMF home protection solutions doesn’t have to be complicated. A few simple-to-use products may be all you need.

An excellent place to start when considering protection against EMF radiation is looking into anti-radiation solutions for your specific digital devices. 

For instance, you can use a harmonizing sticker on your smartphone to neutralize the positive ions that it emits. You can also use an anti-radiation laptop mat, which could provide comprehensive blocking while you are working. These types of solutions can offer protection not just against EMF radiation but also against EMR, RF, and EMI radiation.

EMF Radiation Free Air Tubes + BON CHARGE

Another category of EMF solutions you could opt for is designed to block EMF radiation. For example, you can find anti-radiation hats and anti-radiation blankets that offer multiple layers of protection against EMF radiation.

EMF Radiation Blocking Blanket - BON CHARGE

Bottom Line

With electronic devices and 5G networks becoming the norm, keeping yourself distanced from EMF radiation is becoming increasingly difficult.

At BON CHARGE, we have a range of EMF solutions designed to block various types of radiation. Check out our collection of EMF Radiation Blocking products to learn more!

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