How To Tighten Your Glasses? Adjust Your Glasses

✓ Medically Reviewed by Jack Cincotta

Tightening Glasses


There are times when you might want to adjust your glasses to sit better on your face. We have all experienced that annoying feeling of glasses sliding down your nose or when your glasses site crooked on your face.

Let's look at different ways how to adjust your glasses so they site better on your face.

1. Nose Pads

Why Adjust the Nose Pads?

You will want to adjust the nose pads on your glasses as this area helps to stop the glasses from sliding down your nose and balancing how the glasses sit on your face to give you a good fit feel.

How to Adjust the Nose Pads on Glasses

  1. Hold the frame of the glasses around the lens with one hand
  2. Use your other hands thumb and index finger to bend the nose pad inwards if the nose pad sits too high on your nose
  3. Use your other hands thumb and index finger to bend the nose pad outwards if the nose pad sits too low on your nose

2. Temples

Why Adjust the Temples?

You will want to adjust the temples if glasses site crooked on your face because they are bent.

How to Adjust the Temples on Glasses

  1. First determine which side needs to be adjusted by placing your glasses on a flat surface to see if one temple is not touch thing the flat surface. The side that is not touching is the side that needs adjusting
  2. Place the glasses in a bowel of warm water for about 1 minute or use a hairdryer to warm the temple side you need to adjust
  3. Once the plastic arm or metal arm is warm enough bend the temple down at the hinge and/or the temple tip
  4. Place the frames back on the flat surface to retest your adjustments and keep repeating the process until both temples touch the flat surface

Final Thoughts

You can adjust both metal and plastic frames of glasses to make your pair of glasses feel more comfortable when you are wearing them. However, being able to tighten your glasses at home is not always recommended as you can make mistakes, hurt yourself or break your glasses.

We recommend visiting your local optician who is more professional at adjusting eyeglasses or sunglasses to your specific needs.

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