Sauna Blanket Benefits: A Comprehensive Guide

✓ Medically Reviewed by Jack Cincotta

Have you ever heard of a sauna blanket? If you’ve ever wished you could wrap yourself in the warmth of a sauna the way you wrap yourself in a sleeping bag, then sauna blankets are for you. With sauna blankets, gone are the days of needing an expensive spa membership to use a sauna to soothe your aching muscles. There are many benefits of sauna blanket technology, from relaxation to exercise recovery to burning calories.

What is an Infrared Sauna Blanket?

Yes, an infrared sauna blanket really is just like a sleeping bag – if that sleeping bag got up to 80 degrees Celsius (~176 degrees Fahrenheit)! Pop inside to warm up after walking the dog in the winter cold, or make it part of your wellness routine. By comparison, an electric blanket generally heats up to only around 50 degrees Celsius (~122 degrees Fahrenheit).

BON CHARGE's blankets are made of lab-grade infrared heated layers alternating between cotton layers, enclosed within a PU leather exterior to create a cozy, comfortable, and transformative experience. The PVC waterproof layer in the middle soaks up sweat accumulation.

Research is ongoing for specific wellness-related sauna wrap benefits, but overall, you can expect to feel rejuvenated after a sauna bag treatment. The direct heat loosens stiff or tense muscles, and the ritual is an excellent supplement to your mindfulness practice. Wear loose-fitting clothing, cotton undergarments, or nothing at all. Simply zip your body in, set the timer, and relax. 

Top 8 Benefits of Sauna Blankets

Sauna blankets are good for your mood, muscles, and even your wallet. Here are the top nine benefits of infrared sauna blanket use:

1. Relax

De-stressing, physically and emotionally, is one of the primary detox sauna blanket benefits. Being still, warm, and in touch with your body does wonders for the mind and spirit. Dim the lights and put your phone away for optimal relaxation while using the blanket. Creating a mindfulness routine, even if only for a few minutes, will have you feeling more relaxed, more often. 

Being more relaxed during the day can naturally help you sleep better at night. Or you may choose to hop inside the sauna blanket before bed to ease yourself into a relaxed state – ready for a restful night’s sleep.

2. Soothe Aches and Pains

Sauna blanket benefits, like sauna bed benefits, include soothing bodily aches and pains. Getting into a sauna blanket is like immersing yourself in a warm bath, but the water never cools. Plus, you can adjust the temperature of the heat. Because the infrared heat loosens muscles, you may find increased flexibility and range of motion results from sauna blanket usage. 

3. Recover from Exercise

Some people prefer to ice muscles after exercise, but many athletes enjoy the benefits of infrared heat for recovery. For those who prefer warmth, the sauna blanket will stimulate blood flow. Prevent sore or stiff muscles the next day so you can maintain your exercise regimen. Enjoy faster recovery and a post-workout treat with a warm rest in a sauna blanket! Just remember to stay hydrated – before, during, and after using the blanket.  

4. Keep a Cool Head

Let’s take a moment to compare the traditional sauna to the infrared sauna blanket's benefits and disadvantages. In a traditional sauna, your whole head and body are in a heated environment. 

This works great for some, but for those who prefer to keep a cool head, using the blanket means your head will not get blasted with heat. So your hair won’t get messed up, frizzy, or overheated when using a sauna blanket. Having your head out of the heat may be a better option if you get lightheaded in traditional saunas. Instead, a blanket heats your body directly with infrared technology.  

5. Privacy

Another advantage to the sauna blanket is that it allows for private use. If you prefer your sauna experiences in the buff but don’t want to be walked in on at the gym, look no further than an individual sauna blanket. Having your sauna blanket means there’s no judgment. Plus, when you have your own, you can freely customize the sauna experience you want – even if that means using it at 3 a.m. while watching TV!  

6. Hassle-Free Use

Instead of waiting on (and paying for) the installation of an in-home sauna, you can hop right into your sauna blanket as soon as you get it. No setup needed. Because it’s lightweight and less bulky than a sleeping bag, it’s very easy to store when not in use. You can use it anytime, day or night – you don’t need to depend upon the operating hours of the local gym or spa. 

Because of how simple and easy the sauna blanket is to use, you are more likely to get more use out of it. Unzip, hop in, bake, and hop out. To clean, simply wipe down the interior with a moist cloth or disinfectant wipe after each use. 

7. Portability

One of the best sauna bag benefits is the convenience it offers. It’s a portable sauna! Athletes can take it on the road. Vacationers can pack it in the suitcase; it’s especially important to stimulate blood flow after long, sedentary periods that travel requires. Sauna blankets are an innovative solution for those who desire the benefits of a sauna but in a convenient way.

8. Most Affordable Option

A BON CHARGE infrared sauna blanket is the most affordable option for sauna benefits. It’s not a bed or room you need to install in your home or travel to use. There is no monthly fee to enjoy access to it. The average cost of sauna blankets is thousands of dollars, but the BON CHARGE blanket is a fraction of that.


Sauna Blanket + Infrared


How to Use a Sauna Blanket

To use a sauna blanket, you must first decide where you want to lie down flat. Unroll the blanket there. Heat the blanket and set a timer. Make sure your head and body are supported and stable while inside. Unplug when finished, and then wipe the interior to clean. 

Don’t overdo it: start with a lower temperature and raise it to your desired level using the remote. Schedule your first few sessions to be shorter to allow your body to get accustomed to the high infrared sauna blanket temperature, the sweating, and the feeling on your skin. 

Then, work your way up to using it 2-3 times per week in 20-minute sessions. It is safe to use daily. Do not exceed 60 minutes inside the blanket. If you have medical conditions, especially related to the heart or skin, consult with your doctor before use. 

Create a routine to best measure your desired sauna blanket benefits, or just use it as needed. To soothe your mind and body, take the time to cultivate a genuinely restful atmosphere by using the blanket. Minimize loud noises and distractions so you can zone out and let the blanket work its magic.  

Recharge with Bon Charge

At BON CHARGE we offer a safe, high-quality, and affordable infrared sauna blanket so you can optimize your wellness. We work with light, heat, and frequency to harness its benefits for your whole body. Our collection includes everything from red light therapy devices to cold therapy technology to EMF protection and 5G blocking products. Browse what we’ve got in store today to elevate your self-care. 

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