Benefits of Blue Light Glasses

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benefits of blue light glasses

Blue light glasses have a special lens that filters down blue light and reduces the amount of blue light from reaching your eye, thus assisting with ongoing eye health. There are many benefits of wearing blue light glasses so we have listed the 10 best reasons to wear blue light glasses below for you.

10 Reasons You Need to Wear Blue Light Glasses

1. Improved Sleep

Exposure to blue light after sunset can desynchronise melatonin production and negatively influence our ability to fall asleep. There is a distinct banding of light that lies between the frequencies of 400nm and 550nm which causes melatonin production to be reduced. This was shown in this study which is the gold standard when choosing a pair of blue light blocking glasses to drastically improve your sleep and help you fall asleep faster. Light from the sun helps with the generation of melatonin after sunset, so its important to send some time outside during the day to help regulate your circadian rhythm.

By blocking 100% of blue light and green light from 400nm to 550nm you can improve melatonin production and get a better night’s sleep.

2. Less Digital Eye Strain

Digital eye strain is caused by extended periods using a digital device, most commonly your computer or smart phone. Blue light emitted from these digital devices can lead to digital eye strain.

Blue light filtering has been shown to help alleviate the symptoms of digital eyestrain, which include dry eyes, headaches, blurred vision and fatigue after using digital screens, without the need to use eye drops. To get the benefits of blue light glasses to combat digital eyes strain simply wear them whilst under artificial light during the day. You can use clear lens Computer Glasses or if you have a sensitivity to blue light you can use yellow lens Light Sensitivity Glasses instead.

3. Less Headaches

Long days of screen time can cause headaches. By wearing computer glasses you can reduce the instances and severity of headaches induced by blue light. Its as simple as wearing a pair of Computer Glasses or Light Sensitivity Glasses whilst exposed to artificial light sources.

4. Technology is Everywhere!

Blue light blocking glasses benefits when using technology include helping with computer vision syndrome better sleepreduction in headaches and less digital eye strain.

5. Help with Photophobia

Photophobia (commonly referred to as light sensitivity) is a sensitivity to bright lights. It has been shown that blue light can intensify symptoms of photophobia.

High energy visible light (HEV) between 415nm and 455nm has been shown to lead to eye light damage. Blocking light in this range may be beneficial for people with a sensitivity to light

light sensitivity glasses

6. Manage Jet Lag

The main benefit of blue light glasses for jet lag is to help regulate circadian rhythms and protect your eyes.

By wearing blue light glasses when you get to your destination, 2-3 hours before bed you can get better sleep and potentially align your circadian rhythm faster.

7. Reduce Migraines

Blue light exposure triggers migraines. Blue light glasses advantages do not just extend to sleep and eye strain, but also reducing the incidences of light induced migraines and their severity.

8. Reduce Glare

Glare from computer screens can trigger headaches and migraines. By choosing a pair of blue light glasses with anti-glare coatings you can eliminate glare and have a better digital experience.

The main benefits of blue light glasses that reduce glare can be less headaches and reduced eye strain. They can also be worn over contact lenses.

9. More Productivity

Sore eyes can be symptom of too much computer use. In fact, productivity may reduce as you are not feeling your best self. By wearing blue light glasses, you can reduce these symptoms which may leave you feeling better, have more energy which in turn may make you more productive.

10. Better Night Shift Work

Blue light blocking glasses benefits for night shift workers can include better sleep and less eye strain whilst working nights. By wearing yellow lens blue light blocking glasses during the nightshift you can help with digital eye strain and by wearing amber lens blue light blocking glasses 2 to 3 hours before your scheduled bedtime you can achieve a better night’s sleep.

Blue Light blocking glasses for night shift work

The Best Blue Light Glasses

The best blue light glasses are ones that block and filter blue light in line with the academic literature. BON CHARGE offers science backed blue light glasses for each different circumstance.

Unlike other brands BON CHARGE goes one step further and have had our glasses registered as medical devices in the ARTG under 388832, 388833 and 388834. If you suffer from eye disease ensure you speak to your medical practitioner first.

If you want to find our whether blue light glasses work you can check out this article.

If you have any questions about blue light glasses and their benefits, feel free to check out these FAQs.

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