What Do Gaming Glasses Do?

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Gaming Glasses


Have you ever been playing COD, FIFA, Doom or Halo on your X-Box or Playstation only to feel like your eyes are burning, dry and sore at the end of a session? Then you will want to read this article on what are gaming glasses and what do gaming glasses do!

When we are at staring at a screen for long periods of time, our eyes may become strained due to the amount of blue light hitting them. Its therefore no surprise that gaming glasses are becoming more popular with the top gamers looking to game for longer and with less digital eyestrain

The main questions are do gaming glasses work? What are gaming glasses? And what do gaming glasses do? Another important question is what gaming glasses are best for me? So, let’s jump in and find out the answers!

What are Gaming Glasses?

Video game glasses or gaming glasses are glasses that have been designed to allow gamers to game for longer periods without damaging their eyes. Blue light that is emitted from screens is high energy and when we stare at screens for long periods of time this type of light may damage the cells in the eye. Symptoms of this happening are dry eyes, sore eyes, headaches, blurred vision, or watery eyes. This impacts how well and how long you can game for and also may also impact your sleep negatively due to the amount of blue light exposure.

Gaming glasses are a relatively new trend but they have been very popular with avid professional gamers looking for that edge against their competition for a long time. Gamer glasses also come in all lens colours, shapes and sizes so we will explore what the best gamer glasses are later in this article.

What Do Gamer Glasses Do?

When you start researching gaming glasses or computer gaming glasses we will often ask an important question and that is “how do I know which gaming glasses are for me?” Before we can answer this great question we first need to know what gaming glasses do.

The main reason these glasses work so well is they incorporate advanced blue light filtering technology to reduce down the amount of blue light whilst gaming.

We have spoken about digital eyestrain and its symptoms but this blue light can also lead to disrupted sleep which may mean less energy the next day and a disrupted circadian rhythm. 

The good news is that by wearing the best gaming glasses or best computer glasses you will protect your eyes and get the most out of your gaming experience without any nasty side effects.

Glare from your screen can also be an issue when gaming. This is why BON CHARGE computer gaming glasses are infused with anti-reflective coating which reduces glare, providing sharper images from the screen into your eyes. Not only does this protect your eyes from digital eyestrain it also improves your gaming experience. 

How Do I Know Which Gaming Glasses Are For Me?

Now that the first two questions of what are gaming glasses and what do gamer glasses do have been answered we now know they are essential for improved gaming experience, beating digital eyestrain and getting better sleep.

If you have ever watched the shooting at the Olympic games you will see they were blue light glasses. They do this because too much blue light reduces visual acuity and to create a crisper image in the eyes its essential to filter down blue light.

With many gaming glasses available its essential you do not pick the cheapest pair. These cheap gamer glasses often don’t filter the essential blue light required to reduce digital eyestrain and sharpen images.

When you are gaming during the day you need to use computer gaming glasses from BON CHARGE as these are the only daytime clear lenses that won’t distort colour but also provide essential blue light filtering. Other gaming glasses will block too much blue light or not enough, so make sure you opt for Computer Glasses from BON CHARGE for your daytime gaming needs.

For gaming after dark, we also need to protect our sleep and circadian rhythms. BON CHARGE blue light blocking glasses will be too dark for gaming so if you game after sunset you must filtering down more blue light than you would during the day without impairing your gaming experience. This is why BON CHARGE Yellow Gaming Glasses are so popular with professional gamers. They allow minimal colour distortion whilst blocking enough blue light to help protect your eyes and allow you to sleep better than without blue light glasses.

Many companies will try and just advise you that you only need one pair of gaming glasses for day and night but our light needs change from day to night and we must change our lens type accordingly.

So, the best gaming glasses for during the day are BON CHARGE Computer Gaming Glasses and for after sunset BON CHARGE Yellow Lens Gaming Glasses.

Now you know that gaming glasses are essential not only for improving your gaming experience but also to protect your eyes and sleep.

 Happy Gaming!

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