Why we Rebranded! Welcome BON CHARGE

✓ Medically Reviewed by Jack Cincotta

Make a name for yourself, then outgrow it!


Never has this statement been truer than for us at BLUblox


When we started BLUblox we had just 2 amber lens blue light blocking frames sold out of a draw in our spare bedroom.


Because of your belief in us, we grew to be the world leader in blue light management glasses with a huge distribution warehouse and team here in Australia.


Your investment in us to help optimise your life fuelled our drive to design, create and refine more and more evidence-based products to help you live a happier, healthier life holistically and effortlessly.


Today, we are so much more than just blue light glasses.


And for that reason, the name BLUblox no longer fits.


What we have instore for you is HUGE and we needed a name that reflects the direction we are heading, that embodies everything we want our products to do for you and that symbolises the life you deserve to live.




And that is why we have decided to rebrand. To bring a new, fresh and more accurate identity to the brand we have grown to become.


Welcome to the new era of BLUblox. Welcome to BON CHARGE



Thank you for believing in us

Thank you for growing with us

Thank you for trusting us


The Journey has only just begun



Bon means good, Charge means energy. The name Bon Charge embodies the DNA of our products, what they bring to your life and the optimal way you deserve to feel.


Meaning behind the logo

Combining the letter B representing biology (and a nod to our previous BLUblox logo), with the helix representing our own internal DNA, our logo blends both what our products target and the essence of our wellness brand.


Red symbolises life and is the colour of our signature blue light lens that we first launched this very company with

We hope you love our new identity as much as us and we are looking forward to serving you long into the future....

Check out our rebrand here

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