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Quality sleep is essential for adults and children alike. Quantity of sleep is one thing, but sleep quality is quite another. Regular exposure to blue light from digital screens may contribute to a lack of quality sleep.

Luckily, there is an easy and affordable solution. Blue Light Glasses work the same way as glasses that help you see at night by filtering out blue light, these can sometimes be called Sleep Glasses.

You may be able to enjoy a better night’s sleep with the help of BON CHARGE’s array of nighttime glasses.

What are Sleep Glasses?

Sleep glasses perform many of the same functions as ordinary blue light glasses, with a difference. The best blue light blocking glasses for sleep not only protect the eye from shortwave blue-violet and green frequencies but also reduce the amount of light that gets into the eye entirely.

BON CHARGE glasses for sleeping offer market-leading blue light protection. Blocking up to 100% of blue light and green light, families may enjoy a superior night’s sleep by supporting the body in gradually winding down before bed.

Blue light sleep glasses allow people to use their smartphones before bed.

The Power of Blue Light Sleep Glasses

Blue light blocking glasses for sleep are designed with you in mind.

Exposure to artificial blue light from smartphones, tablets, computers, and televisions may impact your sleep. Regular screen-users may find it challenging to sleep and often wake up feeling tired.

How Effective are Glasses for Sleep?

The science on the impacts of blue light on sleep is well-known. More and more research reveals how effective sleeping glasses are for giving you the rest you deserve.

Wearers of BON CHARGE sleep glasses report going to sleep faster, experiencing fewer awakenings during the night, and sleeping longer.

Our orange glasses for sleep are engineered in an optics laboratory and have a class 1 medical device registration in Australia in the ARTG database.

Be the best version of yourself every day. Be more productive, energetic, and enjoy an all-around better day with blue light sleep glasses.

Sleep glasses are a revolution within the eyewear industry. Take advantage of better sleep and all the benefits being well-rested brings now.

BON CHARGE: The Best Blue Light Blocking Glasses for Sleep

BON CHARGE glasses are a cut above the rest. Avoid buying cheap glasses online that claim to filter out blue light.

Every pair of BON CHARGE blue light glasses has been created and calibrated to filter out the proper green, blue, and violet light wavelengths. Unlike other cheaper options that only filter out a subset of wavelengths, these glasses provide full coverage.

All pairs of glasses are made in a specialist optics laboratory. We never scrimp on quality by outsourcing production. The frames, optics, and styles work in perfect harmony for the ideal pair of glasses for sleep.

Choose the style to suit you. Select the width, nose bridge, and style right here on the BON CHARGE platform. Only the highest quality materials are found within every pair.

Make your nighttime glasses part of your evening routine and see the difference. If you are not fully satisfied with these glasses, every purchase comes with a 30-day risk-free guarantee. Glasses didn’t work for you? Try our specially-designed sleep masks instead.

Shop now for the leading blue light blocking glasses for sleep and get ready for the big day ahead.

Our Blue Light Blocking Glasses are classified as a medical device in Australia and are included as ARTG 388832, 388832 and 388834

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