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Great quality, easy to use

I have had my sauna for about a month and have enjoyed using it almost daily. It is so convenient to get out and put away, taking up hardly any space. I am just bummed I did not buy it sooner!!

I havent received the bracelet
If i ever get it i will let you know what i think
Ronn Pront

SO great! Wish I learned about these years ago!

Ordered 2, one came damaged but Bon Charge was awesome and shipped me a replacement. Customer Service A+!

I replaced the bulbs on my nightstands, and I have one in my living room (different brand). At sunset these are the only lights on, it baffles all our guests haha! Now to get some for the kids room'!

Good Clip Ons

I wear prescription eye glasses so the clip on was easy to put on and almost covers most of my glasses, a little on bottom is not covered but that isn't a big issue. It's not that bad wearing at night when watching tv in bed. Haven't notice any difference in sleep pattern so far that hasn't helped me.


These sunglasses rock— look great and the ease on my eyes is incredible!! I also had a shipping issue and the Bon Charge team was awesome, wonderful customer service!

A nice day bulb

I do quite enjoy this bulb for mornings and daytime in my office space. The cycling through settings with just the on-off switch of the lamp is simple and convenient. I’m very happy with this purchase!

Plug In Night Light
Healthy Frontier
Great light

Sleek - perfect size. This is a great light with an option to be on all the time, off, or motion sensing. I can get to the bathroom at night without disturbing melatonin

Self Care!

I am loving the Infrared Sauna Blanket. My body loves heat and I know I'm detoxing when I sweat. I do wish I could have the option to turn up the heat a bit more. I'm at max 176 and I could handle to go up to at least 185.

Infrared Sauna Blanket Insert

I love the blanket insert and I'm so happy I purchased it!

Great night light- really improved my sleep

I'm 80 and I don't want to trip getting up at night to go to the bathroom. So I had purchased some motion operated incandescent battery operated night lights. As soon as I got out of bed, the motion caused them to flash on brightly. I thought these red lights would provide a softer light that wouldn't wake me up as much so I could sleep better--that's right! They are worth 5 stars! However, they do glare if you stare at them directly. I'm trying to turn them away so they won't shine right in my eyes. So far so good.


The Low-Profile Contoured Blackout Sleep Mask is brilliant! It's super comfortable and I love it. There are no other sleep masks out there this great, and it's perfect for side sleepers like me. Also, international delivery was super spot on and rapid. Highly recommended!

So far, so good

I have had the unit about a month. I use it 3 or 4 times a week and so far it appears to function as advertised. I does reach 176F which is among the highest available. It cleans up easily and comfortably fits in its storage bag. I am satisfied with this purchase.

Campfire Reading

I purchased these glasses as readers for reviewing emails, reading etc. at night and watching content online. I do wish I had a regular pair for watching tv.
Maybe sometime, bifocals that are blue blockers will be available.

Great Quality Sound

Great quality sound. They don't fit easily in my ears (narrow ear canals) so they need to be pushed in further so they don't fall out. Also need to buy a Headphone Jack Adapter. But love that I can rest assured that my brain is not being exposed to so many EMFs.

I absolutely love them!!!!

I am a Nutritional Therapist and I have been wanting a pair of blue blocking glasses for some time now as they are something I put into client plans as part of their lifestyle changes. I eventually bought them and have been wearing them for about 2 weeks and I can already see the difference in how quickly I go to sleep!

Smith Light Sensitivity Glasses Prescription


No Returns for Readers

I didn’t see the fine print about not being able to return readers if not satisfied. The amber colored lens is too dark for me and make reading my phone/tablet difficult. I am disappointed I lost $120 on these.


Thank you, Bon Charge!! ALL my devices have this sticker on them, so I don't want to worry and think about EMF.

LOVE it!!

I have 4 of these mats. High quality, well designed, perfectly fit for all my devices.

Trouble getting to sleep & staying there

The Boncharge sleep mask works wonderfully for me. I have trouble getting to sleep and wake up when the blackout curtains show dawn light around the edges. I put the Sleep Mask on, adjust the soft eye pillows and press the mask at bridge of my nose and voila I wake up without remembering when I went to sleep!

Worth it

They look nice , are good quality, and I think they work well. Love this company! way better than Tech Wellness

Love it!

This is so relaxing and it's nice to be able to enjoy this in the privacy of my own home. I will especially appreciate this even more once the weather gets cold!

Hair and skin

I got some baldness now after using red light therapy for 20 days. I got so much of improved in hair new baby is started to grow and skin became too soft and young I'm eagerly waiting for future like 3 months to get 100% results....

Infrared PEMF Mat
Rachel Cortez
Best investment I’ve made

I bought this for my husband who is healing from chronic illness but I started using it daily and I find myself looking forward to it everyday! My sleep has improved tremendously and I just feel better all around. I’m more relaxed and it has even helped some other issues I have been dealing with. For my husband it has helped tremendously healing and with pain relief. I honestly wouldn’t have guessed that this thing is so amazing. I have used other PEMF mats at some holistic therapy places and they are good but it doesn’t compare to this one. I am sooo happy to have it in my home and be able to use it daily. I sometimes fall asleep on it and sleep for hours!

A great piece of wellness equipment for home use

I have been looking at this product for some time and decided to go for it - I’m so glad I did. It has become a part of my daily routine - I often use it whilst meditating and like one of the other reviewers I have been having some really vivid dreams. I wanted the mat to help me with winding down in the evenings (and not having a glass of wine) but so far have been using it during the daytime as the effects are so nice and I am already craving my daily boost. It has a super calming effect on my nervous system, it really helps with grounding and I am hoping it is helping on a cellular level too. My teenage daughter also loves it and is often already using it when I want a session … typical! I am hoping for big things from this mat and already seeing a really positive change.