What is Shungite? Benefits and Use

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What is Shungite? Benefits and Uses

If you are interested in crystals and their potential healing powers you have probably heard of Shungite and it's amazing benefits. The healing properties of Shungite are widely reported. If you are new to the powers of Shungite this article will help you understand how beneficial this crystal may be in your collection. It has been around for billions of years and has a very unique carbon content.

Black in color, this crystal is vibrant compared to other crystals. Shungite isn’t a crystal, it’s a mineraloid e.g. Opal, Pearl and Pumice are all mineraloids. This amazing crystal has been used for thousands of years for healing and Peter the Great of Russia, who ruled over 300 years ago used Shungite to cleanse and purify water.

Shungite deposits is commonly found in Austria, India Karelia Russia, and parts of Africa (Democratic Republic of Congo). In Austria the drinking water does not need to be purified due to the cleansing influence Shungite has on the water as it passes through the topography.

The color of this stone is commonly black, however it can also be a deep amber color, almost like bronze in appearance. the characteristics of this mineraloid is that it is opaque, metallic and shiny to the eye. Elite Shungite is composed of a minimum of 90% carbon atoms, however standard Shungite is around 40 percent carbon.

This carbon based stone has a unique molecular structure consisting of unusually big and hollow single carbon structures. It is this structure that provides it with its antioxidant properties. It can also be ground into Shungite powder and used in jewellery.

The Benefits of Shungite

Shungite is well known for its grounding, metaphysical properties, earthing powers, relieves stress and is also believed to protect against electromagnetic radiation (EMFs). Some key figures in the powers of crystals and minerals state that this mineraloid can help improve your cognitive abilities, learn more, and become more productive.

It can absorb chemical pollution and some heavy metals, especially in drinking water.

This amazing stone can also balance and realign root chakras but there is no evidence of it being effective as a medical treatment.

How to Cleanse Shungite

If you have invested in some Shungite stones you will want to take good care of it and part of that ritual will be to clean it. There are many ways you can recharge and cleanse your Shungite.

You can clean your Shungite visually by holding it in your hands and breathing deeply. You should then visualise a healing light from the universe entering the stone and neutralising all the negative energy inside it.

You can also breathe on your crystals to cleanse Shungite but make sure you rid your mind of negative thoughts before doing it.

Shungite can get wet if you are using it to purify water.

Some Shungite cannot get wet due to its properties so it is always best to contact the company you purchased the Shungite from to ask about care instructions. 

Does Shungite Block EMF Radiation

Shungite and Orgonite are believed in some circles to have EMF radiation protection properties from electromagnetic frequencies. The science is still unclear on these claims as most of the findings have been empirical and the researchers could not pinpoint the healing effects in the studies.

However, this does not mean it should be ignored with many anecdotal claims that Shungite and Orgonite have helped them with electro sensitivity.

Mineral shungite may be able to reduce oxidative stress caused by EMF radiation, however, the mineral was not able to block 100% of the radiation used in the study.

Unfortunately, not enough scientific research has been conducted on Shungite to ascertain its healing properties and EMF protection capabilities.

It has also been claimed in the Journal of Advanced Scientific and Technical Research that to benefit from Shungite’s electromagnetic field shielding characteristics you need to use Elite Shungite. Using regular Shungite will be provide EMF protection.

Elite Shungite is very rare and extremely expensive and may not even block EMR.

No material cannot change the frequency of energy which means it cannot harmonise EMF radiation to a better or healthier frequency, this is simply not possible.

The scientific community has also shown there is no evidence of Shungite’s ability to block EMF radiation. What evidence does exists is that it is great at purifying water, which is probably the best use.

The Best Ways to Reduce EMF Radiation Exposure


With the scientific community in agreement that Shungite does not shield against EMF radiation it is best to look at lab tested solutions to block EMF radiation and protect against EMF radiation.

There are many ways to protect against EMF radiation by using products that can shield electromagnetic radiation. It is extremely difficult to eliminate all EMF radiation from your environment. EMF radiation is ubiquitous and short of building a faraday cage to live in with no electricity the best EMF protection options are EMF protection products.

EMF protection can block EMF radiation up to 30GHz which encompasses radio frequency radiation sources such as WIFI, Bluetooth and cellular networks such as 3G, 4G and 5G. 5G blockers are gaining more popularity given the unknown long term effects of 5G networks.

The best tips of protecting from EMFs are listed below

It is recommended that you stay around 5 meters away from wifi modems to limit EMF exposure. Turning off your router before you go to sleep is a good way to limit EMF exposure.

Keep your phone on airplane mode whenever you can or use an EMF Protection Phone Pouch to shield against EMF radiation.

Sleep with an EMF Protection Blanket and Pillowcase to shield against ambient RF radiation.

EMF Protection Blanket

Avoid using wireless headphones as these are powered by Bluetooth. Instead opt for a pair of Anti-Radiation Air Tubes to listen to your music and podcasts.

If you do want to use your computer on your lap then invest in a good quality EMF Protection Laptop Mat.

Limit the amount of time you spend on electronic devices. Almost all electronic devices will emit some amount of radiation so less time using them will reduce your exposure.

For more information on EMF radiation you can check out these FREE resources listed below.


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