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Clip On Light Sensitivity Glasses

Clip On Light Sensitivity Glasses

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Reduce Migraines
Boost Mood
Improve Light Sensitivity

Designed to provide relief and comfort for individuals who are sensitive to bright light or suffer from Photophobia. Crafted with precision and advanced light filtering technology, these clip on glasses offer a practical solution to help you navigate daily activities with ease and confidence.

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Scientifically engineered to block out intense blue light between 400-455nm to ease symptoms of light sensitivity during the day.

Our Clip On Light Sensitivity Glasses are equipped with specialized lenses that effectively filter and reduce the intensity of light, particularly in environments with excessive brightness.

Easy To Use

Our clip on lens easily fits on to almost any regular glasses frames. These amazing Light Sensitivity Clip On Lenses feel lightweight on your existing eye glasses for the ultimate comfort experience.

Lab-tested for optimal protection

Studies have shown that intense blue light between 400-455m can worsen symptoms of Photophobia. Our Light Sensitivity Glasses have been scientifically tested to block 100% of light within this range, providing you with the perfect weapon to combat light sensitivity.

Prioritize visual clarity

Our Light Sensitivity Glasses not only offer relief but also prioritize your visual clarity. Say goodbye to the discomfort caused by bright lights and embrace a more enjoyable and relaxed experience with enhanced visual comfort.

The Look

Purposeful, versatile, functional and all about practicality.

Frame Fit

Fits almost any frame.


Lightweight and sturdy for comfort and durability.

The Science

Attaching seamlessly and easily onto your existing glasses


Advanced Blue Light Blocking Technology

Adjustable Clip Mechanism


Streamlined Minimalistic Design


Reduce symptoms of light sensitivity

Fits most eye glasses frames

Comfortable for extended periods

Designed to not interfere with your field of vision 

Ergonomic Design

Science Backed

Advanced Technology

Spectrometer Test Results

Results: Blocks 100% of blue light from 400nm - 455nm

Our products are rigorously tested in lab and real-life situations to bring you only the best quality and functionality. Our founders also personally road-test every product in their day-to-day life for at least six months before launch. That’s how committed we are to you and why our products are considered best in class.

Our Clip On Light Sensitivity Glasses are based on science and created in line with peer reviewed academic literature. Our Light Sensitivity Glasses are not simply a fashion accessory.

The exact frequencies of light in line with science are filtered. Light sensitivity or Photophobia can lead to migraines and eye discomfort. By blocking 100% of bright light between 400nm and 455nm our Clip On Light Sensitivity Glasses can help relieve symptoms of Photophobia.

We offer full transparency on our lens capabilities, making our lens report guides viable to everyone on our website before purchase, allowing you to see exactly what frequencies of light are blocked. These can be found under each individual product on the website.

Our Clip On Light Sensitivity Glasses work by blocking 100% of the blue light from 400nm to 455nm which has been shown in peer reviewed studies to cause ocular damage.

BON CHARGE Clip On Light Sensitivity Glasses are designed to be worn whenever you are under artificial light during the daytime to reduce symptoms of Photophobia such as migraines, headaches, and eye discomfort.

These Clip On lenses attach to your current eye glasses to add a layer of blue light protection.

BON CHARGE Clip On Light Sensitivity Glasses are designed to be worn whenever you are under artificial light during the daytime to reduce symptoms of Photophobia such as migraines, headaches, and eye discomfort.

Our Clip On Light Sensitivity Glasses will clip to almost any regular glasses frames with ease.

What Our Customers Say?

Customer Reviews

Based on 16 reviews
Monique Phillips
All Day Use

These are great! I frequently work 9 – 11 hour days in front of a screen and was really feeling it in terms of headaches. Since using these, I've seen a marked reduction in headaches, and it takes longer for one to show up when it does. I also love that I can use these when on my phone or watching TV at night.


These glasses are amazing. As I have prescription glasses it's pricy for me to have 3-4 pairs of glasses with different blue light filtering levels so I have these and the red ones to put over my usual every day glasses. The main use I have for these yellow ones is when I feel the threatening throb of an approaching migraine. I will wear the glasses for basically the whole day, switching to red in the evening and boncharge sunglasses if needed outside and I am usually successful at warding off the migraine. (I was successful yesterday even with the necessity of driving for approx 1 hour) Highly recommend these for anyone who suffers from light sensitivity triggered migraines! Thank you Bonchargr

Alex Eyles
very gentle on your eyes

After two eye operations, my eyes are very light sensitive., especially at night when the glare from headlights makes my eyes weep. The clip on yellow frames has made this a thing of the past. I am so happy to have found these glasses and will be recommending them whenever I can.

Ailee Wen
Clip on Light Sensitive shades

These work just fine for my specs.
I especially like that the shades can flip up if you need to use in the regular mode. They are nice quality, thanks for a great product !

James Kelly
Better than expected!

My eyes have always been super sensitive to light. As I've aged, driving at night has really been a challenge. Seems like everyone has their bright lights on. I've tried several yellow tinted glasses and basically just brightened everything up. I decided to try a pair of the Bon Charge clip ons. They were priced a little higher than ones I tried in the past. But, what a difference! Instead of brightening everything up, they made the bright, white lights yellow and Much easier on the eyes. I find myself using them every time I drive at night. Definitely worth the price. Thanks Bon Charge for the quality product.

Size Guide

Please scoll left to see more details

Adult Frames Frame Fit Lens Bridge Arms Height
(inclusive of frames)
(hinge to hinge)
Denver Small 51mm 17mm 135mm 36mm 125mm
Galaxy Small 53mm 17mm 135mm 42mm 135mm
Echo Small 53mm 20mm 138mm 44mm 130mm
Melissa Small/Medium 52mm 15mm 140mm 44mm 130mm
Crystal Medium 49mm 18mm 140mm 43mm 135mm
Cali Medium 54mm 16mm 140mm 45mm 130mm
Lennon Medium 48mm 19mm 140mm 47mm 135mm
Morris Medium 53mm 17mm 140mm 42mm 135mm
Tortoise Shell Medium 53mm 17mm 140mm 37mm 135mm
Chester Medium 51mm 20mm 140mm 46mm 135mm
Raye Medium 55mm 14mm 142mm 43mm 135mm
Zane Medium 52mm 18mm 145mm 45mm 135mm
Arrow Medium 49mm 20mm 145mm 45mm 135mm
Parker Medium 50mm 19mm 145mm 47mm 140mm
Clarke Medium 49mm 21mm 145mm 45mm 135mm
Miki Medium 48mm 20mm 145mm 43mm 125mm
Maverick Large 56mm 15mm 140mm 50mm 135mm
Brooklyn Large 54mm 17mm 140mm 42mm 135mm
Hudson Large 54mm 17mm 140mm 40mm 135mm
Blaire Large 55mm 17mm 140mm 53mm 141mm
Mac Large 51mm 21mm 145mm 40mm 140mm
Smith Large 55mm 18mm 145mm 44mm 140mm
Magnum Large 58mm 17mm 145mm 44mm 140mm
Kids Frames Frame Fit Lens Bridge Arms Height
(inclusive of frames)
(hinge to hinge)
Theo Fits ages 4-11 years (smaller fit) 47mm 15mm 130mm 35mm 120mm
Piper Fits ages 4-11 years (standard fit) 46mm 16mm 130mm 38mm 125mm
Elsa Fits ages 4-11 years (standard fit) 46mm 19mm 128mm 40mm 125mm
Perry Fits ages 4-11 years (standard fit) 46mm 19mm 128mm 40mm 125mm

Clip On Light Sensitivity Glasses