Does Red Light Therapy Help Acne?

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Numerous studies have demonstrated that red light therapy is a safe treatment for various skin conditions, including acne. Despite not being a chronic medical condition, acne can cause stress and unease among sufferers.

Acne is a skin disease, involving bacteria, inflammation, and sebum production, usually in young adults and teenagers. Skin care, using photodynamic therapy is a great way to kill bacteria associated with moderate acne.

Does Red Light Therapy for Acne Work?

According to scientific studies read light therapy as a treatment for acne works very well. In 2021, a great study was conducted to determine the efficacy of red-light therapy as a treatment for acne vulgaris.

In this study patients were subjected to low-level laser therapy using visible red light and invisible near infrared light. Twenty-eight patients participated in the study. After 10 weeks treatment acne was significantly reduced in the group that used visible red light. 

However, the group that used invisible near infrared light saw no difference. Visible red light works by targeting skin cells and invisible infrared light works by going deeper into muscle and bone tissue. Therefore, the results were not a surprise.

Red light therapy for acne treatment

A review of the science has also shown red light therapy to be an great treatment for acne. In 2012 a group of researchers concluded that red is an effective treatment for skin conditions, such as acne. The study also concluded that red light therapy is a safe treatment and also great for hair regrowth.

Other small studies have also indicated red light therapy and blue light therapy to be effective treatments for acne.

LED light therapy creates an anti inflammatory environment for treating acne and this has been medically reviewed across numerous studies.

How Does Red Light Therapy for Acne Work?

Red light therapy works for acne by providing more collagen production and more energy at a cellular level. Red light therapy has been shown to combat numerous skin conditions such as acne, fine lines, wrinkles, eczema, scar reduction and wound healing.

Red light in the range of 630nm to 660nm has been shown to stimulate skin cell’s efficiency to produce more energy. This energy can the be used to produce more collagen to help to heal acne and acne scarring. LED light therapy also reduces inflammation in the skin which is the cause of acne.

When choosing a red light panel for acne you should always ensure you get a high powered panel. Many panels on the market will claim to be powerful but do not have the data to back it up. Ensure you purchase a red light panel that has an irradiance of over 100mw/cm2 for the best results.

By using a BON CHARGE red light therapy device you can reduce skin inflammation and help reduce the appearance of acne.

How Frequently Should You Use Red Light Therapy for Acne?

Using red light therapy as a treatment for acne is easy.  LED light therapy for acne should be used at least once a day, ideally twice a day for around 20 minutes per session.

You can start seeing a reduction in acne after about 4-12 weeks, depending on the individual. Consistency is the key to getting results quickly, the more you use low level laser therapy the quicker you can expect to see results.

You can use any high-quality red-light therapy panel to achieve your desired results. BON CHARGE offers a vast selection red light machines to help with the treatment of acne. The comparison chart below shows the lab grade panels below from BON CHARGE.

Red light therapy comparison chart


Who Shouldn’t Use Red Light Therapy for Acne?

Studies have indicated that red light therapy is a safe treatment for lots of health issues. With little to no side effects red light therapy can be used by almost everyone to harness its healing powers.

Whilst side effects are minimal, its always worth conducting a light sensitivity test prior to starting a full session of red light therapy. Before starting red light therapy, if you have any medically diagnosed health conditions you should always speak to our physician first.

Other Acne Treatments

Acne must always be diagnosed so you can ensure you get the best treatment. Prescribed medicines such as benzoyl peroxide, and isotretinoin as well as topical creams and ointments from your local chemist are other great treatments for acne. Chemical peels and salicylic acid are also other treatments for acne that have seen some great results.

A good diet and lots of fresh air and natural light are also fantastic ways to combat acne.

Benefits of Using BON CHARGE Red Light Therapy Panels

A good red light panel should be registered as a medical device. BON CHARGE red light panels are registered in the ARTG and with the FDA.

Electrical safety is something we are very passionate about. Many companies will sell you red light therapy panels that do not have a high standard of electrical safety. We ensure each panel has undergone electrical testing and hold SAA certification, are entered into the EESS database, and hold the RCM mark.

BON CHARGE red light therapy devices also have some of the highest power out of all red light therapy panels. This means you can get lab grade powered red light therapy in the comfort of your own home. You can check out how to use red light therapy at home in this article.

If you want the gold standard in red light therapy for acne treatment, look no further than BON CHARGE.

Final Thoughts

Red light therapy has been shown in scientific studies to be an amazing treatment for acne. By reducing scar appearance and wound healing, red light therapy can help combat acne.

Red light treatments can be a really useful weapon against acne. We can use red light therapy at home, in a salon or at some local gyms. 

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