Collection: Kids Light Sensitivity Glasses

A child’s retina is over 100% more sensitive to blue light than an adult according to peer reviewed studies. Overexposure to high frequency blue light from digital devices may disrupt sleep, learning and behaviour in children. SummerGlo is our daytime yellow tinted glasses, often described as light sensitivity glasses.

By blocking part of the blue light spectrum responsible for light sensitivity issues such as anxiety, depression, migraines and seasonal affective disorder they ease symptoms and uplift wellbeing. By blocking 100% of blue light that falls in the 400nm to 450nm these yellow tinted glasses, infused with mood boosting colour therapy, uplift your mood and elevate your wellbeing. SummerGlo does everything our BluLite Computer glasses do and more. SummerGlo can also double as gaming glasses, given their visual acuity they are the best gaming glasses available.

Our SummerGlo collection is available in non-prescription, prescription and reading magnification options.